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How to write a report that people read and leads to a “Yes” #2 of 20

Get smart with your time -time management techniques to adopt
You will never be successful if you do not devote your best self to the report. That means adopting time management techniques and controlling that beast the email.
The rocks, pebbles and sand lesson on time management
A philosophy professor is lecturing to his students. He brought out an […]

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How to write a report that people read and leads to a “Yes” #1 of 20

1.1.      Where was the training in report writing?
The most damning thing in this whole area is how random the training is. Report writers bring knowledge from their previous organisations and before long you have a potpourri of reporting styles that arrive on the executives’ desks.

I have worked for four major multinationals and none of them […]

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How to find your natural talents – and thus stop focusing on your weaknesses

Reader: this is an extract from my book “Don’t say I didn’t tell you – life lessons from a loving father to his millennial daughters”
I went to a funeral and one of the lessons that came from the eulogies was that an interesting and colourful life of challenging oneself to improve, may not provide for […]

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Facing tough times

We will face tough times in our lives , sometimes sharing the burden with nearby loved ones and sometimes handling it seemingly alone. These times include:

 A separation from a life partner
 Death of a family member or close friend
 Being a victim of abuse
Receiving a permanent disability from an accident or from a health […]

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Never compromise on integrity

In your working life you will, unfortunately, be exposed to situations where your integrity will be challenged. It can happen very easily in situations such as:

Selling a product or service to a person or entity who does not need it
Having an affair of the heart, when you or they have a long term […]

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Have a reason to jump out of bed every morning. Your Ikigai (pronounced Ick-ee-guy)

Translated it means “life’s purpose”.  It is a holistic, altruistic way to see more meaning in your life.  Ikigai is also about finding joy, fulfilment, and balance in the daily routines of life. In other words, it is a guiding force.

The Japanese island of Okinawa, where Ikigai has its origins, is said to be home […]

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Why You Should Eat a Frog Every Morning

Mark Twain once said that if you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, you know that the rest of your day will be better because the worst is behind you. After all, you’ve already eaten a frog, what’s the worst that could happen?

Far too often we dread a task (Mark Twain’s frog), […]

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Have Two, Two-Hour Blocks of Time Every Day

My father, changed his career in his thirties, moving from a clerk of the court to train as a lawyer. He had a full working day, four children under seven and a requirement to take seven exams which had to be passed each year.  Failing one exam meant a resit of all seven. As he […]

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Have a cluster of mentors

Only the foolish venture forward, without having a mentor supporting them, from behind the scenes. A mentor is normally someone older than you, wiser, with more grey hair, who knows something about what you are doing. In other words, it could be a retired CEO of the business, a retired board member who has known […]

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Controlling the wild beast — your email

Your email may be eating into your productivity. Here are some Golden Rules when managing your emails.

In any working week many of us are spending up to 20% of our time reviewing and processing emails.  In many cases workflow is simply being pushed around the organisation for no tangible gain.

Here are some rules to save […]

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