2303, 2020

Pay your mortgage off in 15 years- yeh right.

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30 Years vs 15 Years of Payments on a mortgage of $400,000 at a 5% interest rate

30 Years of Payments
15 Years of Payments
15 years paid fortnightly

Monthly Payment
$1582 fortnightly

Total Interest


I am not kidding, this is what you will eventually do, if you are clever.  To get a mortgage you may sign yourself up to the devil, […]

2303, 2020

Follow Warren Buffets advice on investments

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Warren Buffet, called by many as the “greatest investor alive today” has always been open about the way Berkshire Hathaway invests.  Pouring over his annual reports, I have developed this checklist to help me gain an insight into Warren Buffet’s approach.  Whilst this checklist has not been reviewed or approved by Mr Buffet I am […]

2303, 2020

20 tips when buying your first home

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Know your credit score

Your credit score is one of the biggest factors in what your loan terms will be. Know your score before you ever try to get a loan, and take the time to repair it as there will be errors ( 4 out of 5 contains errors). Noticed a small mistake? No […]

2501, 2020

Warning of scam that international speakers need to be aware of

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If you receive an email from a reverend with a Gmail account, you can guarantee you’ve been hit by a scam.

Features of a scam are:

Large church who are running a large conference as they want to do something different.
Have substantial sponsorship so fees are not a problem.
They are promising about 600 people […]

2003, 2012

Recognise success and celebrate

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Jack Welch puts celebrations in his top eight traits of a leader, that is how important it is.  As he says “Work is too much a part of life not to recognize moments of achievement. Grab as many celebrations as you can.  Make a big deal out of them.” Welch was all about making business […]

1312, 2011

The Billion Dollar Giveaway

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Performance Bonuses give away billions of dollars each year, based on methodologies where little thought has been applied. Many Schemes are flawed from the start, there are ten foundation stones to making performance related pay work. The most significant foundation stone is never pay super profits in any bonus, as these come round in-frequently and […]

611, 2011


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Peter Drucker will be remembered in Centuries to come as the Leonardo De Vinci of management. One profound point he made was focusing on collaboration. Drucker went on to say you don’t have competitors, you have companies offering alternative solutions, he said “If an organisation can do something better than you, why not collaborate with […]

211, 2011

Supercharge your Leadership

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The most effective way to improve Leadership is to get five solid foundation stones in place.

Minimise your personal baggage – Understand who you are, so that you can maximise your strengths and minimise you weaknesses.
Love thy Neighbour as thyself – As a leader we need to realise we have to have a love for the common man, demonstate hostmanship, […]

1210, 2011

Action Meetings – The Answer to Rescuing the Working Day

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The bane of most people’s working life is too many ineffective meetings. There are two solutions at hand. Firstly we look to Drucker, and we should start abandoning regularly scheduled meetings that do not deliver actions or serve as a useful communication tool and replace them with more walkabouts from senior management. Secondly, by training staff to […]

310, 2011

The Buddha Hunters

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A good friend of mine, Bruce Holland, has a gift for understanding how people can find their golden Buddha from within. His book cleverly uses the true story of a golden Buddha that was hidden for 400 years in clay. Only recently, when this Buddha was being moved, did the golden Buddha reveal itself. His […]