611, 2011


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Peter Drucker will be remembered in Centuries to come as the Leonardo De Vinci of management. One profound point he made was focusing on collaboration. Drucker went on to say you don’t have competitors, you have companies offering alternative solutions, he said “If an organisation can do something better than you, why not collaborate with […]

211, 2011

Supercharge your Leadership

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The most effective way to improve Leadership is to get five solid foundation stones in place.

Minimise your personal baggage – Understand who you are, so that you can maximise your strengths and minimise you weaknesses.
Love thy Neighbour as thyself – As a leader we need to realise we have to have a love for the common man, demonstate hostmanship, […]

1210, 2011

Action Meetings – The Answer to Rescuing the Working Day

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The bane of most people’s working life is too many ineffective meetings. There are two solutions at hand. Firstly we look to Drucker, and we should start abandoning regularly scheduled meetings that do not deliver actions or serve as a useful communication tool and replace them with more walkabouts from senior management. Secondly, by training staff to […]

310, 2011

The Buddha Hunters

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A good friend of mine, Bruce Holland, has a gift for understanding how people can find their golden Buddha from within. His book cleverly uses the true story of a golden Buddha that was hidden for 400 years in clay. Only recently, when this Buddha was being moved, did the golden Buddha reveal itself. His […]

2809, 2011

Hedgehog concept by Jim Collins

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In his book, “Good to Great”, Jim Collins talks about a business that needs to have a Hedgehog concept. The term hedgehog comes from a parable about a hedgehog and a fox. Every day the fox tries to outwit the hedgehog in order to have a nice meal. However, the hedgehog is able to become an impenetrable ball […]

1309, 2011

Having a Safe Haven – A lesson from Churchill

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Reviewing Churchill has unearthed a major foundation stone of leadership. Leaders need a safe haven because, as Druker said, “Leadership is a foul weather job”. During difficult times, leaders need a passion, an interest, a hobby which is outside their working life. Churchill once said, “Everyday away from Chartwell is a wasted day”. He loved […]

509, 2011

Minimizing your own personal Baggage

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We all carry too much personal baggage with us on our life’s journey. Whilst we cannot unload all of it, we can unload a number of rocks from our rucksack. Without a doubt, one of the most profound insights into this issue is the Enneagram. To understand more about this please read my extract from my Winning […]

2708, 2011


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You need one now. I am currently in discussion with Louis and I am telling him that a cluster of mentors is essential for greatness. Louis is one of the string of undergraduates that I have had the pleasure of working with. A key criteria of selection of these under graduates is that I need […]

2208, 2011

The myths of KPIs number 1 to 3

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There are many reasons why your performance measures are not working. One main factor is a lack of understanding of the myths surrounding performance measurement , as David Parmenter explains*.

Myth #1: You can delegate a performance management project to a consulting firm
For the last fifteen years or so many organisations have entered performance measure initiatives […]

1508, 2011

Recruiting – a life and death decision

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Peter Drucker emphasized the significance of recruiting by calling it a life and death decision. When I travel around the world talking to workshops I always get a large show of hands when I ask, “Who has recruited somebody they have lived to regret?”. We simply do not put enough time into ‘putting fences at […]