908, 2011

Candour – A Jack Welch Wisdom

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Jack Welch preaches management need to have more candour, to be open, honest and frank. This is particularly important with staff who are not performing well. I recommend, you listen to a youtube recording of Jack talking about Candour.

108, 2011

Toyota's 15 year advantage

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Having read a couple of brilliant books on Toyota, in particular Jeffrey Liker’s, “The Toyota Way”. It became clear to me that Toyota has a significant advantage over all other organisations. To replicate their 14 principles in an organisation would take up to 15 years of dedicated work. A Journey that many leading companies […]

2107, 2011

Jack Welch and his Legacy

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I heard the other day, somebody express an opinion that Jack Welch was out of favour. I would like to put on record, that I believe his leadership and management practices are and have been outstanding. His book, “Winning” is in my top ten business books and a recommended read. Search “Welch + youtube” and […]

707, 2011

The influence of Jim Collins

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The more I read Jim Collins’ work, the more profound I believe his work is. His book, “How the mighty fall”, is a must read for any investor, executive or government official. It is an accurate predictor of failure. His website, JimCollins.com should be on every bodies favourites. 15 minutes a week should be considered a necessary ‘fix’.

107, 2011


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I am a follower of Peter Drucker. He had many profound sayings, but probably the most significant was abandonment. He saw abandonment as the key to innovation. Abandonment freeing both time and money away from activities that weren’t working into new initiatives.

Companies that have followed his thinking have even instituted abandonment days, once a […]

2804, 2011

Books that have influenced my thinking

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The Winner’s Bible: Rewire Your Brain for Permanent Change

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Improve your decision making
Making Smarter Decisions

Corporate Finance Team

“Reinventing the CFO” by Jeremy Hope Harvard Business School Press 2006.

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Beyond Budgeting: How Managers Can Break Free from the Annual Performance Trap , Jeremy Hope and Robin Fraser, Harvard Business School Press, […]

2007, 2010

Finding your organisations critical success factors

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I have been working with a number of different organisations to find their critical success factors. This work has further supported the process as outlined in Chapter 7 in my 2nd Edition of Key Performance Indicators. In one organisation the first phase of gathering the success factors had been truncated and this had a serious […]

2702, 2009

Corporate Performance Management Summit, Prague

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I was fortunate to be asked to be a key note speaker at Reporters Corporate Performance Management Summit. They are a very exciting company based in Prague implementing 21st century performance management processes into organisations. A preview of the presentation will be uploaded shortly, watch this space!