To what degree has your finance team embraced the LEAN movement? – Invitation to attend a webcast run by ICAEW.

Join David Parmenter for a webinar on 9 October, 2014 at 9:00 AM (GMT).  There is a small cost of non-members.

LEAN has now been embraced by accounting functions around the world. LEAN has  not only re-engineered the key processes such as month-end reporting, annual planning and the annual accounts it has also changed the way we report numbers by using value streams and viewing spare capacity and inventory differently.

You are invited to attend a webcast where David Parmenter will cover some quick gains that accounting teams can achieve using LEAN practices.

This webinar is precursor to a one day master class “The journey to a LEAN Accounting Team” (29th October, London) covering the latest thinking on the lean processes finance teams have successfully adopted around the world. Download the brochure for the masterclass at