How often, when under pressure, have you frowned when a staff member came to your office to ask for help?  How often have you greeted your visitors at the reception rather than get them picked by your executive assistant? The great leaders know the visitor in front of them is their most important task and are able to welcome the interruption!

Jan Gunnarsson[i] says that hostmanship is the way we make people feel welcome. In his book and accompanying website, Jan provides inspiration and direction to anyone who wants to make a difference, as an individual, as part of a team, or within an organization.

It is interesting to note that one’s ability to be a host is influenced by one’s past, both in experiences at home and with one’s role models.  It is no wonder so many of us have issues here.

Jan sees hostmanship as having six areas: serving, maintaining the big picture, taking responsibility, caring, knowledge and dialogue.

These quotes come from

You may wish to access a well-written brochure from Jan’s website, which can be accessed on  and read an extract from my Winning Leadership Whitepaper, this paper can be purchased from my website.

[i] Jan Gunnarsson and Olle Blohm, “The Art of Making People Feel Welcome,” Dialogos, 2008.