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Have a cluster of mentors

Only the foolish venture forward, without having a mentor supporting them, from behind the scenes. A mentor is normally someone older than you, wiser, with more grey hair, who knows something about what you are doing. In other words, it could be a retired CEO of the business, a retired board member who has known […]

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Controlling the wild beast — your email

Your email may be eating into your productivity. Here are some Golden Rules when managing your emails.

In any working week many of us are spending up to 20% of our time reviewing and processing emails.  In many cases workflow is simply being pushed around the organisation for no tangible gain.

Here are some rules to save […]

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Choosing the right job offer

Assuming that you know how to present the best side in the interview process, and there are myriads of articles on this topic, the important step is to avoid making a poor decision once you have been offered a new position
Do your homework
Make sure the next organisation is going to be a better fit, or […]

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Blue sky Fridays – making time to shape the future

Far too many of us are caught firefighting all the time. Never getting enough time to plan to make the future a better place.

During an overseas speaking tour, I was with a good friend one Sunday afternoon, visiting a church fair. We had run out of things to do.  Among the stalls was a person […]

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Allocate time to your rocks (key tasks) rather than the pebbles and sand (emails)

The father of time management could be Stephen Covey. In his book “First thing’s first”, he observed that great leaders appear less stressed and seemed to have more time on their hands. He adopted the Eisenhower matrix which helps to sort tasks based on the principals of urgency and importance. When assigned to each task, […]

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Peter Drucker’s advice on abandonment

I consider abandonment as one of the most important gifts bestowed on us by Peter Drucker. It is unusual that such a profound concept should have been left unnourished by so many writers who followed in his footsteps. Amongst the overgrown and chaotic jumble within an organisation Drucker saw a clear pathway to freedom, innovation […]

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Making your career as secure as a “hedgehog”

The first circle in the diagram tells us to focus on an area where we can be a world expert. This is not as hard as it sounds, providing you look for a field specific to your experiences, where you have already made progress. Make sure it’s free from competing experts, then get your 10,000 […]

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Pay your mortgage off in 15 years- yeh right.


30 Years vs 15 Years of Payments on a mortgage of $400,000 at a 5% interest rate

30 Years of Payments
15 Years of Payments
15 years paid fortnightly

Monthly Payment
$1582 fortnightly

Total Interest


I am not kidding, this is what you will eventually do, if you are clever.  To get a mortgage you may sign yourself up to the devil, […]

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How to avoid dumb investments by following Warren Buffet’s checklist

Investing in stocks without understanding what is going on is betting in a casino which I don’t think you are into. It is very easy to turn your investments into dumb money as the ‘fear of missing out’ will drive you to questionable investments.

There are a myriad of investment opportunities for where the unwise can […]

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20 tips when buying your first home

Know your credit score

Your credit score is one of the biggest factors in what your loan terms will be. Know your score before you ever try to get a loan, and take the time to repair it as there will be errors ( 4 out of 5 contains errors). Noticed a small mistake? No […]

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