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Annual planning will always be wrong

The one sure thing about annual planning is that it will be wrong – its underlying assumptions have been flawed since LucaPacioli invented double entry bookkeeping in 1494.This article completes my look at the foundation stones of rolling planning, a more useful alternative.  Read More

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The foundation stones of rolling planning: Separating out targets from realistic forecasts

It is vital to generate realistic forecasts rather than forecasts that the board or senior management wants to hear. The board might want a 20 percent growth in net profit, yet management might see that only 10 percent is achievable with existing products, customers and capacity constraints. If the forecasting team reports what the board […]

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The Great KPI Misunderstanding

Many companies are working with the wrong measures, many of which are incorrectly termed key performance indicators (KPIs). I believe it a myth to consider all performance measures to be KPIs. From my research over the last twenty five years I have come to the conclusion that there are four types of performance measures:

1. Key […]

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Lean finance team processes – making the finance function more efficient

To what degree has your finance team embraced the LEAN movement? – Invitation to attend a webcast run by ICAEW.

Join David Parmenter for a webinar on 9 October, 2014 at 9:00 AM (GMT).  There is a small cost of non-members.

LEAN has now been embraced by accounting functions around the world. LEAN has  not only re-engineered […]

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Delivering bulletproof presentations

We all can  be better at presenting.I highly recommend attending ‘a train the trainer ‘course for all those presenting on a regular basis. please read my article

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We need to sell our team contribution to the organisation

Far too often we undersell our team contribution.This article will help you to score more goals.

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Its time to get rolling planning

Annual planning is anti lean. Please read this article and my white paper on implementing rolling planning.

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It is time to eliminate EXCEL models over 100 rows

For many reasons excel is no longer relevant or appropriate for 21st century future ready operations. Please  read this article and then my white paper on how to sell a planning tool to the senior management team

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Bulletproof PowerPoint presentation

The ability to deliver a bulletproof PowerPoint presentation is a vital skill that can help you on your journey to becoming  great.  However we  are often guilty for underselling our carefully thought-through suggestions. Far too often we will short-change themselves by ‘under cooking’ our preparation and practice time before giving a ‘career limiting’ presentation. Here […]

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Make sure the consultants can score an early goal

All great managers help their staff score goals.  Success breeds success.  Consultants are no different.  They may appear immune to difficulties, this is only a ruse.  They need positive feedback as much or even more than your staff.  Why?  They often work in a dysfunction firm, trust me I know, and their only feedback is […]

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