The most effective way to improve Leadership is to get five solid foundation stones in place.

  1. Minimise your personal baggage – Understand who you are, so that you can maximise your strengths and minimise you weaknesses.
  2. Love thy Neighbour as thyself – As a leader we need to realise we have to have a love for the common man, demonstate hostmanship, integrity and humility where we comprimise these values leadership will always fail.
  3. Master Communications and Public Relations – Spend time gaining skills in the oral and writen word having much more informal one-to-one communication and walk-abouts, investing money in getting public relations support being all initiatives.
  4. Have a mentor and a safe haven – If you don’t have a mentor, you may as well stop reading now, as your leadership will always be flawed. Find one – now. Accompanying the support of a mentor is having a safe haven, a passion, a hobby, where you can recharge your batteries.Make sure you spend time feeding this safe haven, you will need it one day when times get tough.
  5. Be clear on your legacy – I firmly believe that the meaning of life for the human race can be summed up in one word ‘Legacy’. This legacy says, ‘I was here’, ‘I added up to something’, ‘I changed peoples lives for the better’. Once you have a legacy, you have a guiding star which you should follow at all times.

These foundation stones are discussed in great length in my whitepaper.