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2102, 2012

Creating a ‘band of brothers’ culture

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The aim of any leader is to create a ‘band of brothers’ feeling within the organization.  Whilst this phrase is not political correct I am sure you know what is meant. This feeling can only be achieved by the creation of an inclusive oneness in a team that has a shared goal and vision.  The […]

1402, 2012

Jack Welch’s 20/70/10 “differentiation” rule

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Tied to candor is Welch’s 20/70/10 “differentiation” rule. The  top 20% of performers  should be promoted into jobs which are a good fit for their strengths, assist the next 70% to better meet their potential, and make it clear to the bottom 10%  that their future lies elsewhere. Good communication will see these staff moving […]

702, 2012

Mastering Walkabout

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Leaders can never be too visible to their staff.  Great leaders take a walk at least twice a day when they are in the office.  Not only does it give them some much-needed exercise but it ensures that they can catch up with staff they might not normally see during meetings. Unfortunately, today, more often […]