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2703, 2012

Let Psychology Be Your Friend

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Shackleton understanding of psychology played a big part in saving the lives of his team.  He appreciated the importance of understanding the team’s physical as well as psychological needs.

On the hike over the mountains of South Georgia, his two team members wanted to rest. Shackleton knew that this would be the end of them and […]

2003, 2012

Recognise success and celebrate

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Jack Welch puts celebrations in his top eight traits of a leader, that is how important it is.  As he says “Work is too much a part of life not to recognize moments of achievement. Grab as many celebrations as you can.  Make a big deal out of them.” Welch was all about making business […]

2003, 2012

The myths of KPIs numbers 7 to 9

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Myth 7: The Balanced Scorecard Was First Off the Blocks

Hoshin Kanri business methodology, a balanced approach to performance management and measurement was around well before the balanced scorecard. It has been argued that the balanced scorecard originated from the adaptation from Hoshin Kanri.

As I understand it, translated, Hoshin Kanri means a business methodology for direction […]

1503, 2012

Nurture Protégés

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Peter Drucker went on to say that it was a leaders job to ensure that there was an able pool of leaders, at least three, to choose from to take over your position when you move on.  In other words it is a sign of failure when an organisation needs to seek a leader from […]

1503, 2012

The myths of KPIs number 4 – 6

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Myth #4: You Can Delegate a Performance Management Project to a Consulting Firm

Performance measurement is failing around the world because management are not aware of the “unintended consequence” of the performance measures they have picked. As mentioned already all measures have a dark side. There is a possibility that the actions the measures cause may […]

603, 2012

Being good in a Crisis

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As Drucker said great leaders anticipate the storm. They know that leadership is a “foul weather job” and thus are prepared for the crisis when it arrives.

Martin Luther King summed it up perfectly

“the ultimate measure of a man (Leader) is not where he (the leader) stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he […]