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1709, 2013

SCRUM – a lean practice worth adopting

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This is a technique that was developed to radically reduce the time it took to write new software applications.  It recognized that teams in very intense work periods do not always function properly.

Scrum (an Agile technique) – started off as a rethink of project management by Jeff Sutherland,  a fighter pilot in Vietnam.  He saw […]

1609, 2013

Activity based costing is broken – it is anti lean

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Many of us have gazed wistfully into the distance thinking how marvelous it would be to be able to have cost of producing a product at any time of day.  Activity based costing seduced the accounting profession very much like the sirens in Greek mythology.

Right from the start the writing was on the wall. The […]

1509, 2013

Toyota’s 14 principles and their relevance to lean

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I believe Toyota to be possibly the greatest company in the world. It has 14 principles which are the backbone to its culture and Toyota can embed these principles in all countries it operates within.  Its Kentucky plant in the USA exceeded all Toyota expectations with its acceptance of the Toyota way.  To understand the […]

1209, 2013

Lean is about eliminating the eight wastes

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In lean there are eight types of waste.  These wastes are seen within the whole organisation and within the accounting function. I have outlined the eight wastes below in Exhibit 1
Exhibit 1 The eight wastes that need tackling

Eight types of waste
The eight wastes within the accounting function

1. Over-production (Building batches of products larger than the […]