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2702, 2018

Other Ways to Save Time in Meetings

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I have blogged about Scrum and action meetings. Other alternative ways to Save Time in Meetings are:
Abandon as many meetings as you can. Only participate in meetings where action occurs.  Monitor the action after a meeting and if progress is not being made, make it clear that the next meeting will be deferred until progress has […]

1802, 2018

Successful KPI implementations had the following characteristics

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For the KPI projects that did deliver I noticed the following common characteristics.

They committed a complete and thorough exercise to ascertain their organizations’ critical success factors (CSFs) and then ensured that all measures used by the organization relate back to the CSFs. It is the CSFs, and the performance measures within them, that link […]

802, 2018

Why the Law of Attraction Can Make You More Time Efficient

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As my first wife and I approached our thirties it became clear that we were carrying a lot of baggage.  It was affecting our work and home life. Pauline, who had studied psychology at university, suggested we enrol in a course called “Turning Point.”

We assembled in a large room with around 60 others.  We were […]

202, 2018

To Decide or Not to Decide

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We can never make the right decision all the time.  In fact, in some cases making the wrong decision is better than being paralysed with the options and not making any decision.  If you realise it was wrong you can abandon and proceed on a different route.

The ability to make decisions and take calculated risks […]