KPIs and CSFs

2003, 2012

The myths of KPIs numbers 7 to 9

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Myth 7: The Balanced Scorecard Was First Off the Blocks

Hoshin Kanri business methodology, a balanced approach to performance management and measurement was around well before the balanced scorecard. It has been argued that the balanced scorecard originated from the adaptation from Hoshin Kanri.

As I understand it, translated, Hoshin Kanri means a business methodology for direction […]

1503, 2012

The myths of KPIs number 4 – 6

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Myth #4: You Can Delegate a Performance Management Project to a Consulting Firm

Performance measurement is failing around the world because management are not aware of the “unintended consequence” of the performance measures they have picked. As mentioned already all measures have a dark side. There is a possibility that the actions the measures cause may […]