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2708, 2011


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You need one now. I am currently in discussion with Louis and I am telling him that a cluster of mentors is essential for greatness. Louis is one of the string of undergraduates that I have had the pleasure of working with. A key criteria of selection of these under graduates is that I need […]

2208, 2011

The myths of KPIs number 1 to 3

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There are many reasons why your performance measures are not working. One main factor is a lack of understanding of the myths surrounding performance measurement , as David Parmenter explains*.

Myth #1: You can delegate a performance management project to a consulting firm
For the last fifteen years or so many organisations have entered performance measure initiatives […]

1508, 2011

Recruiting – a life and death decision

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Peter Drucker emphasized the significance of recruiting by calling it a life and death decision. When I travel around the world talking to workshops I always get a large show of hands when I ask, “Who has recruited somebody they have lived to regret?”. We simply do not put enough time into ‘putting fences at […]

908, 2011

Candour – A Jack Welch Wisdom

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Jack Welch preaches management need to have more candour, to be open, honest and frank. This is particularly important with staff who are not performing well. I recommend, you listen to a youtube recording of Jack talking about Candour.

108, 2011

Toyota's 15 year advantage

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Having read a couple of brilliant books on Toyota, in particular Jeffrey Liker’s, “The Toyota Way”. It became clear to me that Toyota has a significant advantage over all other organisations. To replicate their 14 principles in an organisation would take up to 15 years of dedicated work. A Journey that many leading companies […]