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1207, 2017

How far can your leadership go?

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As managers climb up the management tree they need to ask themselves how far can my leadership go?  Could I become a general manager or even a CEO?  To help answer this question you need to see how much leadership is in your DNA and how much you are prepared to commit to rectify shortfalls.

My interest in […]

1603, 2017

The costs of Takeovers, Mergers and Restructuring

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The pursuit of growth through takeover or merger (TOM) has made a small, select group of executives, investment banks and consultants very wealthy while diminishing the wealth of a vast number of shareholders. Why do so many TOMs fail to deliver the perceived synergies and cost savings?

Synergies. First of all, the synergy calculations are […]

608, 2014

Wisdom of the crowd- A new management concept

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James Surowiecki wrote that “a large group of people are often smarter than the smartest people in them.” Hence the term “wisdom of the crowd was born”. In other words, a group’s aggregated answers to questions that involve quantity estimation have generally been found to be as good as, and often better than, the answer […]

608, 2014

Delivering bulletproof presentations

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We all can  be better at presenting.I highly recommend attending ‘a train the trainer ‘course for all those presenting on a regular basis. please read my article

108, 2014

We need to sell our team contribution to the organisation

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Far too often we undersell our team contribution.This article will help you to score more goals.

1507, 2014

How to make an IMPACT by Jon Moon

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I had the pleasure to meet the Jon Moon in London in May. I recommend his books to you if you are involved in report writing or presentations.

How to make an IMPACT: Influence, inform and impress with your reports, presentations, business documents, charts and graphs

1103, 2014

Never give a new person a new job

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Peter Drucker in my mind is the Leonardo de Vinci of management.  His work will be appreciated more in 400 years from now. We all would benefit from reading the Definitive Drucker, a book that offers a summary of the sage’s advice.

Drucker observed that many new initiatives failed as the wrong people were leading them.  […]

1103, 2014

Sacking the consultants is the start of a bigger problem

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As Francis Urquhart, the prime minister in the British TV series, House of Cards, would say, “Some may think that sacking the consultants has solved the problem, others may say that the problem has just begun. You may think that; I cannot possibly comment.”
Changing consultants midstream is no different than bringing in a new surgical […]

1103, 2014

Risk management is it above or below the waterline

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Jim Collins, in his great book, built to last talks about risk management.  The senior management team need to know will a risk above or below the waterline.  Just like a ship, a project can take many hits above the waterline, but few below them.
With project risks always separate out those above or below the waterline. […]

2602, 2014

Invest in a comprehensive selection process

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Recruiting staff and a consultant is a life and death decision as Peter Drucker reminded us.  It is better to spend 40 hours in a comprehensive selection process (putting up fences at the top of a cliff) than spend 400 hours sorting out the mess (at the bottom of the cliff).
It is imperative that you […]