Recognition is more important than most of us understand. I believe it is one of the most important driving forces in performance. Yet so many companies, managers, and leaders believe it has to be given sparingly, as if too much recognition would water it down. There appears to be a tax on recognition. McDonalds and other companies have taken this tax on recognition to the ultimate by having an employee of the month, indicating that only one staff member can achieve this. What does this say to the rest of the staff? Surely, if four staff have succeeded, then four staff should be given the award!

As a leader, when did you last:

Date of last activity

Send a signed memo of thanks to a member of the staff?
Ask team members up to your office to offer them thanks for going the extra mile?
Send a letter of thanks to a major customer, appreciating the continued relationship?
Send a letter to a major supplier, appreciating their faultless supply record?
Attend the orientation program of new recruits, asking questions that show you have taken the time to read their curriculum vitae and stating that you look forward to their contribution?
Walk around the offices and factory talking casually to staff?