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3101, 2012

Mastering informal One-to-One Communication

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Managers today have meeting after meeting.  They believe it is more efficient than holding one-to-one meetings. Yes, in one hour ten people are listening to the manager, but at the end those ten people will walk out and carry on as if the last hour did not happen. The key to effective management is to […]

2401, 2012

Mastering the Oral and Written Word

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Leaders need to realize that being a good orator is a vital part of leadership.  Time and effort needs to be devoted to delivering a meaningful message.  Special coaching and endless practice should be seen as an important investment rather than a chore.

Three leaders to understand are Shackleton, Welch and Churchill who understood the importance […]

1701, 2012

Mastering Hostmanship is more important than you can imagine

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How often, when under pressure, have you frowned when a staff member came to your office to ask for help?  How often have you greeted your visitors at the reception rather than get them picked by your executive assistant? The great leaders know the visitor in front of them is their most important task and […]

1001, 2012

A must attend course: The Enneagram

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“The enneagram is a profound, elegant, and compassionate approach to people and their relationships. It describes nine basic world-views and nine different ways of doing business in the world. Each of the nine personality types is something of a pathway through life, with likely obstacles and pitfalls along the way.”

Your principle motivation should be a […]