1802, 2018

Successful KPI implementations had the following characteristics

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For the KPI projects that did deliver I noticed the following common characteristics.

They committed a complete and thorough exercise to ascertain their organizations’ critical success factors (CSFs) and then ensured that all measures used by the organization relate back to the CSFs. It is the CSFs, and the performance measures within them, that link […]

802, 2018

Why the Law of Attraction Can Make You More Time Efficient

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As my first wife and I approached our thirties it became clear that we were carrying a lot of baggage.  It was affecting our work and home life. Pauline, who had studied psychology at university, suggested we enrol in a course called “Turning Point.”

We assembled in a large room with around 60 others.  We were […]

202, 2018

To Decide or Not to Decide

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We can never make the right decision all the time.  In fact, in some cases making the wrong decision is better than being paralysed with the options and not making any decision.  If you realise it was wrong you can abandon and proceed on a different route.

The ability to make decisions and take calculated risks […]

2701, 2018

Blue Sky Fridays -Working From Home

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Far too many of us are caught firefighting all the time. Never getting enough time to plan to make the future a better place.

During an overseas speaking tour, I was with a good friend one Sunday afternoon, visiting a church fair. We had run out of things to do.  Among the stalls was a person […]

2009, 2017

Time, time, time is on my side. Yes it is, part two

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Besides learning to focus on the rocks each day here are some other suggestions.

Create some space, each week, where you can think about your future. No phone calls, no texts, no face book, just carrying out those important but not yet urgent tasks. Getting ahead of the game. On a Friday morning I work […]

1709, 2017

Time, time, time is on my side. Yes it is

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Ten tips to recapture time. Covey’s “First things first”


Stephen Covey in his book “First things first” he observed that great leaders appear less stressed and seemed to have more time on their hands.  He drew a four quadrant time management diagram pointing out that far too often we are firefighting in “urgent and not important” quadrant, […]

1207, 2017

The fifteen skills to master as a leader:

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People orientated skills
1.    Master of communication and public relation

2.    Recruiting and promoting

3.    Develop and maintain stakeholder relationships

4.    Selling and leading change

5.    Provisioning for the team

6.    Develop, engage, and trust

7.    Valuing results and people

8.    Valuing work life balance

Personal skills
9.    Have a vision of your legacy

10. Embrace abandonment (letting go of the past)

11. Define the mission, values, […]

1207, 2017

Why You Should Eat a Frog Every Morning

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Mark Twain once said that if you eat a live frog first thing in the morning, you know that the rest of your day will be better because the worst is behind you. After all, you’ve already eaten a live frog, what’s the worst that could happen?

Far too often we dread a task, perceiving that […]

1207, 2017

How far can your leadership go?

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As managers climb up the management tree they need to ask themselves how far can my leadership go?  Could I become a general manager or even a CEO?  To help answer this question you need to see how much leadership is in your DNA and how much you are prepared to commit to rectify shortfalls.

My interest in […]

1904, 2017

KPI Tour in UK, Australia & New Zealand

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In preparation for the above tour, I have reconfigured my KPI approach to three phases. The three phases still incorporate the original twelve steps of the first edition of my KPI book, but mean it is easier for the KPI team to see the bigger picture. The one day workshop has also been restructured to […]